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Step 01

Start your application

Our streamlined, 100% online
application includes questions about
your property, financial objectives,
income, debts and more.​

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Step 02

Submit documents & verify identity

You will need to:

  • Present a government-issued photo ID.
  • Complete a live verification
    by capturing a real-time photo using your device.
  • Connect to your banking institution.

These are standard security and
eligibility assessment requirements
across lending institutions.


Step 03

Select your loan
type & term

PADS offers a few different home loan
types with flexible terms. You decide
what's best for your situation.​

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Step 04

Submit & sit back

You will get a confirmation of approval within 24 hours!​

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Step 05

Loan is offered

Upon approval, you will receive a loan
offer corresponding to your financial
requirements, with funds sourced from
a network of Canadian investors.

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Step 06

Loan is notarized & your funds transferred​

The funds will be deposited into your
account and the repayment schedule
will kick in.

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